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University Transfer

University Transfer

ACC Transfer: The Best Start For Your Bachelor’s Degree

Austin Community College is a top transfer college in Texas, helping our students finish their bachelor’s degrees on time and for less money. You’ll pay the lowest tuition in Central Texas and have a wide choice of core curriculum and general education classes that transfer to four-year colleges. Whether you attend ACC in fall, spring, or over the summer semester, our supportive learning environment, flexible online courses, and transfer guidance help make your college transfer as seamless as possible.

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ACC keeps college costs affordable. Earn up to 60 credits from ACC’s nationally recognized degree, career, and transfer programs while paying the lowest tuition rates in Central Texas.

Tuition is only $67 per credit hour. With fees, it comes to $85 per credit hour. Compare costs among area colleges and universities.

Source: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

Tuition and Costs

ACC's tuition has not increased in 10 years! Your tuition and general fees are determined by residency status.

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Payment Plans

Interest-free payment plans are available that give you more time to pay for your classes.

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100+ Academic Programs

Explore a wide selection of transferable academic and career programs across 10 areas of study.

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General Studies

Get your basics at ACC with full core curriculum programs for seamless transfer.

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Reverse Transfer

Earn your ACC degree after you transfer or bring your credits from another institution here.

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Transfer Programs & Credit FAQs

  • Will the credits I’ve already earned transfer to ACC?
    • Courses from the top colleges and universities in Texas transfer to ACC. However, it’s always important to double check and see if your hard earned credits will transfer. ACC provides a transfer evaluation tool to easily look up course equivalencies. Additionally, we recommend connecting with a Transfer Services specialist to confirm your transfer credits and minimize the potential for repeating courses.

  • How will ACC help me graduate on time?
    • ACC provides core curriculum courses and a wide range of academic programs that transfer easily, allowing more flexibility in how you obtain your certificate or degree. Not to mention, free tutoring and extensive support services help you succeed in the classroom.

  • Does ACC have programs designed specifically for transfer students?
    • Yes, students who want to start at ACC and transfer to another college or university can explore Core Curriculum Certificate programs that let you take your basics at ACC and easily transfer them. If you want to get started on courses for your major, you can also follow a Field of Study Plan.