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Eliminate Textbook Costs

Z-Degree - Eliminate Textbook Costs

Z-Degree classes use free materials and open educational resources (OER) to save you money. Take an individual Z-Degree class or make them an essential part of your degree plan. 

Look for ‘ZTC’ and ‘OER’ when registering for classes.

Here’s how to enroll in a Z-Degree class:

  1. Log into Self-Service's Student Planning.
  2. Under “Term,” select the upcoming semester.
  3. Scroll down to “Course Type” and select “Open Educational Resources” (OER) or “Zero Textbook Cost” (ZTC).
  4. Click Search.
  5. Browse courses and click View Available Sections to see details.
  6. Enroll in the OER/ZTC (Z-Degree) class that’s right for you!

With careful planning, it is possible to earn an Associate of Arts in General Studies without ever purchasing a textbook. Check with your area of study advisor for more information!