Report an Incident

If you or someone you know is considering harm to yourself (suicide) or others please call immediately:
(1) Austin / Travis County 24-hour Crisis & Suicide hotline: (512) 472-HELP (4357); or 
(2) The Williamson County 24-hour Crisis hotline 1-800-841-1255;
(3) Hays & South Counties Hotline: 1-877-466-0660
(4) Bastrop County Family Crisis Center hotline: 1-888-311-7755; or
(5) The Bell County 24 hour crisis hotline: 1-800-888-4036 or Text Crisis: START to 741741 
(6) 911 locally; Anywhere in the US: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or 988.

Reporting concerns and incidents to college officials is beneficial to our students' and employees' success and safety. Reporting also strengthens the mission of the College and our educational environment. Completing the appropriate form below shall help ensure prompt notification to the proper College official.

Not sure what report to submit? Contact the Dean of Students Affairs Office for assistance.


If you are in immediate danger or know someone who is in extreme distress, call 911.

Report a Crime or Suspicious Activity

Contact ACC District Police to report a crime or suspicious activity. Call Dispatch 24/7 at 512-223-1231 or visit a campus police office. In an emergency dial 911 and ACC District Police will be notified. Learn more at Reporting a Crime.

  • Academic Integrity Violation Form
    • This form is used by faculty to submit reports of academic integrity violations to the Dean of Student Affairs for documentation. The College expectations regarding academic integrity as well as guidelines and procedures are outlined HERE.

      Visit the Academic Integrity Violation Form

  • Anonymous Student Sexual Misconduct Report
    • Students can submit concerns about any form of sexual misconduct (such as sexual assault, sexual harassment, interpersonal violence (dating or domestic), stalking, sexual exploitation, and gender-based harassment that is not sexual in nature) directed against them or someone else. Students are not required to report but are encouraged to include as much information as they feel comfortable and may remain anonymous.

      Submit a Sexual Misconduct Report Form
  • Bias-Related Incident
  • Campus Security Authority Report
  • Concerning, Threatening, Disruptive, or Dangerous Behaviors- CARES
    • Submit this form to request services from a behavioral intervention team (CARES) if you are concerned about the health and safety of an ACC student.

      Submit a Concerning Behavior Referral
  • Employee Grievance
  • Mandatory Employee Sexual Misconduct Report
    • State and Federal Law requires all employees of Austin Community College to report to the District Title IX Coordinator (use the online form linked) if they become aware of the following: Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Interpersonal Violence (Dating or Domestic), Stalking, Sexual Exploitation, and Gender-based harassment that is not sexual in nature.

      Submit a Sexual Misconduct Report Form
  • Student Complaints
  • Student Conduct
    • This form is to report incidents that may be a violation of the Student Standards of Conduct. The reports may include, but are not limited to, behaviors such as use of alcohol or drugs, theft, or acting in a manner that interferes with teaching or an activity/service outside the classroom. Please review the Student Standards of Conduct if you have questions.

      Submit a Conduct Notification Report Form